So I thought a really nice way to kick off this blog was to start with someone who’s famous for his promotion of design ethics and empowerment. Ken Garland is a very admirable British designer who did a lot of really, really great work. He’s incredibly famous in design circles particularly for his First Things First manifesto (shown above) published in 1964, detailing and describing an industry at which designers value themselves and their skills enough to stop doing frivolous work selling laundry powder, and instead encouraging them to say something real. Garland, as a designer, has also done some very notable work and I had the privilege of seeing him speak at the Responsive Projects conference this year about some of them. His words gave me confidence in the future of this industry and I greatly admire his passion for design, and for what design can do. If ever you have the chance to see him speak, it is greatly worth doing so, and I’d advise every designer to read this manifesto (and the re-written version from 2000, and this article on Emigre about them).